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Academy Pass 2024

Welcome to The Medical Mavericks Academy Pass 2024 area. Use the menu on the right hand side to find the content you want to watch. The video below gives you a tour of the site, shows you how to access the content and share with colleagues.

Careers & Science Shorts

We’ve put together some of our favourite videos from inside The Academy as well as some new content that you haven’t seen before! In total there are 10 videos, 5 for Careers Week and 5 for Science Week, but you can show them in any order as and when you’d like.

Medical Mavericks World Magazine

Every edition of Medical Mavericks World is in here! The 1st issue is Autumn 2021. New issues arrive in March, June and October each year. Feel free to download and share with the whole school, print or just have a read yourself!

Virtual Work Experience – Tasks

In this course you’ll find all the tasks that have been set by the careers we have interviewed. You’ll find videos, PDFs, word docs and quizzes to help you complete the tasks. NB: Not all the careers have a task.

Big Book of Body Experiments

Tom and his daughter Beatrice, show you how to perform 16 amazing experiments and science demonstrations on yourself and each other that explore your senses and quirks of human physiology! No specialist equipment needed, just items you can find in your classroom or home.

The NHS Basics

There is so much to consider when exploring any career you’re interested in, whether it be a NHS based career or something completely different. How much do you get paid? Do you have to go to university, are there any apprenticeships, how long does it take to train, are there specific courses you need to […]

Virtual Work Experience

NB: We are currently uploading lots more interviews! If the career in the menu on the right does NOT have a pink arrow to open it up, it is awaiting an upload. In this course you’ll find dozens of interviews with REAL medical professionals. Each interview is broken down into 3 or 4 parts so […]

Medicines & Toxicology

In this course we explore how common medicines we find at home or that are used regularly in hospitals have their therapeutic effect. Tom looks at the mechanism of action at a cellular level and how this manifests itself as physical effects. He then goes onto look at what happens if too much of these […]