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The Medical Mavericks Academy Pass for Home Ed

Due to popular demand, we’ve made The Medical Mavericks Academy Pass available to children and families who are part of the Home Educators network. 

You get access to the same amazing content as schools across the UK as well as some exclusive live streams towards the end of March, just for Home Ed. 

Science Week Pass

What age range is this for?

There is a range of content in The Academy suitable for different age groups., with the most common range being 10-14 year olds. 

The Human Guinea Pig Show is suitable for 10-15 year olds. 

The Senses Show is suitable for 8 to 99 year olds 😉

The medical kit we send you can be used by any age group. 

The video series on how we see inside the body is suitable for 10-16 year olds. 

What happens when we sign up?

You’ll be asked to create an account with your email address and a password in The Academy. Once you’ve done this you can log in at any time. You’ll see lots of other courses & sections in The Academy, but you won’t be able to access these as part of the pass. The only section you’ll be able to access is The Academy Pass section, which you can find by clicking ‘Courses’. 

Academy Pass - Card for Academy Course
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When can we access the content?

We’ll be uploading lots of the pre-recorded content during the W/C 13th Feb, so you can actually watch some of the content early! You can watch this at any time until the end of March. 

You Resource Pack and Medical Kit will be sent out during the W/C 20th Feb, ready for you to use in March. 


What times are the Live Streams

The Live Stream Show times are TBC and will be released during the W/C 10th February. 

All of the live stream show timings are TBC, but you’ll be able to watch The Human Guinea Pig Show 3 x per day in Careers Week and 1 x per day in Science Week. The Senses Show is on 2 x per day in Science Week. You can of course watch these any time using the pre-recorded versions. 

The Science Week Assemblies will start at around 9:05am for 10minutes. 

The Science Week Quizzes will start at 2:30pm for 20minutes. 

If you miss a live stream assembly or quiz, you can watch it as a recording about 20minutes after the live stream has finished. 

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Here's everything included in the Home Ed Academy Pass

£49 incl VAT

Home Ed Academy Pass Includes:

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