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About Us

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The Medical Mavericks Academy is a fantastic online work related learning platform where students, teachers & parents can access amazing resources that promote STEM subjects, showcase the huge range of careers in the NHS and provide meaningful careers guidance with virtual work experience that helps students make more informed career choices. (Remember… it’s not all Doctors & Nurses!)

On site, in person medical work experience is now impossible.

If it was tricky pre-covid, finding work experience for your students to visit any health based setting will now be impossible. It’ll be tough to organise visitors to your school or even getting them to jump on a zoom call too. Their time will be precious and as much as they would love to help, finding a broad range of careers to talk at the right time for you will be tricky.

That’s why we’ve put everything together The Academy.

We’ve interviewed dozens of different careers, created videos on how medicines work, how to examine ultrasounds, how diseases affect the body and much more.

They’re all here in The Academy, so you and your students can access them in one handy place.

What's Inside The Academy

Inside The Academy are a series of fascinating courses covering different topics related to the world of health, medicine and STEM. Each course is made up of mini lessons that have videos, PDFs download, quizzes and more that explore the topic being studied.

Interviewees set tasks for students to try at home or in school.
They might have to look at lab data, decide which patient should
be treated or think about how to help a dementia patient!

At the end of each lesson or course students can download a certificate to prove they’ve completed the content. Students can save their favourite lessons and come back to them time and time again.

We hold regular LIVE Ask Me Anything sessions via Teams and you also receive 10 physical copies of Medical Mavericks World three times per year.

All the content is also linked to different curriculums including science, health & social care and PE.

What our happy members say...

The Courses in The Academy

The Academy courses students can access help support their career decisions and nurture their passion for STEM & Health Careers

Most Popular Courses!

Virtual Work Experience

Through in depth interviews with real health professionals, students can gain an understanding of what each role does.

Medicines & Toxicology

Students can watch mini lectures on how medicines help treat illnesses and discover what happens if we take too much!

Ultrasound Secrets

Using real ultrasound scans, students are shown how to examine these images to explore human physiology and anatomy!

Diseases & Pathology

We show students the mechanisms of disease and how this impacts on our normal physiology and function!

What are the Course Videos Like?

Shot in our professional studio, the videos are short
engaging and easily accessible, with captions included.

The videos are between 5 and 15 minutes long each.
Check out a couple of short examples here.

First Video Clip

Here’s a short clip of Tom from Medical Mavericks, interviewing Davina, who is a Cancer Research Nurse.

Second Video Clip

In this short clip, Tom explains what happens in paracetamol overdoses, and why they are so dangerous!

Third Video Clip

Check out how we can image the heart with an ultrasound! In this video Tom looks at his own heart along the Parasternal Long Axis. Want to know what that means? Watch the video and find out more!

How does it work?

Step 1

Subscribe to The Academy and begin using the academy.

Step 2

Invite your teachers, parents and students to join.

Step 3

Enjoy watching videos, taking quizzes and learning.

Step 4

Track engagement through reports. coming soon

Virtual Work Experience

What are the Course Videos Like?

There’s currently +20 interviews in The Academy, with more added each term.

What’s included with each career interview?

Its not just patient facing careers we interview either! Examples of careers include:

Medicines & Toxicology Course

The course is delivered by Tom Warrender - Physiologist & Toxicologist who has taught Nurses, Paramedics, Biomed Scientists and more at two UK Universities. Students can explore the mechanism of action at therapeutic levels and how toxicity impacts our physiology. Perfect for aspiring health professionals that want more in depth knowledge & experience.

Drug examples include:

Medicines & Toxicology

Ultrasound Secrets

Ultrasound Secrets Course

The course is delivered by Tom Warrender - Physiologist & Toxicologist who has taught Nurses, Paramedics, Biomed Scientists and more at two UK Universities. Students can explore the mechanism of action at therapeutic levels and how toxicity impacts our physiology. Perfect for aspiring health professionals that want more in depth knowledge & experience.

NHS Basics Course

There is so much to consider when exploring any career you’re interested in, whether it be a NHS based career or something completely different. How much do you get paid? Do you have to go to university, are there any apprenticeships, how long does it take to train, are there specific courses you need to complete… we could go on.

Luckily for you, we’ve answers some of the most popular questions about NHS based careers here in the NHS Basics Course.

NHS Basics

Pre-Recorded Shows

Pre-Recorded Shows

With the ‘ALL IN’ subscription package you also have access to our two pre-recorded shows. These have been performed as live streams throughout the past couple of years, but you can access both shows any time with unlimited plays. 

The first show is The Human Guinea Pig Show which introduces your students to careers in Healthcare Science. During the show, your presenter, Tom, performs a variety of fascinating medical tests on himself to show you what these careers get up to including scanning his arteries and veins with an ultrasound, recording an ECG from his heart and taking a photo of the inside of his eye!

All the careers showcased are accessible with levels 9-4 at GCSE. 

The second show is The Senses Show. This is a very practical, hands on show where students can perform 10 amazing experiments and science demonstrations on themselves to explore their senses as the show plays through. No special kit needed, just some paper, a pen and some sweets!

Reports on Student Engagement

Within your Academy account, you’ll be able to see and download engagement reports. You’ll see which students have enrolled, which courses they have been accessing and which courses they have completed. 

You can use this as evidence towards your Gatsby benchmarks!

Reports on Student Engagement

Certificates After
Each Lesson

Certificates After Each Lesson

Within each course, students can download a certificate for all the lessons they complete. 

There are certificates for each career, medicine, disease and ultrasound scan they complete, meaning they can compile a very comprehensive and impressive set of certificates for use on their UCAS statements and during interviews. 

We don’t just dish them out though… students have to take a short 10 question MCQ quiz at the end of each lesson and get 60% to download the certificate.  

All certificates have the student’s name on too!

What else is included?

Each term we’ll send you 10 physical copies of our magazine,
Medical Mavericks World! You’ll be able to access this is a PDF too.

We also run live Ask Me Anything sessions through MS Teams
where your students can ask questions about careers or the
topics covered in the Academy.

You’ll be able to book onto these through The Academy and
invite students along to take part. We limit each AMA session
to 5 schools at a time, so there is plenty of time to ask questions!

You can also access reports on student engagement inside
The Academy!

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