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Careers & Science Week
Sorted for £195+ VAT

With The Medical Mavericks Academy Pass

This video explains everything!

This March 2023, we want to support as many schools across the UK deliver an amazing Careers and Science Week at a price that fits in with tight budgets.

We’ve put together an incredible package of live stream shows, assemblies & quizzes, along side pre-recorded mini episodes to help you inspire your students. We’re even sending REAL medical kit that you get to keep, into schools as part of the deal.

It is all suitable for primary and secondary schools as well as colleges too!

We’ve called it The Medical Mavericks Academy Pass

Think of it as a Medical Netflix for the month of March!

Here's EVERTHING included in the Academy Pass for £195 + VAT

Keep reading to find out more about the Live Streams, shows, medical kit and physical resources. 

Science Week Pass

Live Stream Show 1:
The Human Guinea Pig Show

During this show, I’ll take your students on a journey through 5 different careers from the Healthcare Science sector in NHS. These careers are NOT doctors or nurses, but specialist scientists that perform 85% of all the diagnostic tests in a hospital.

It’s not just a talk to camera either. I perform REAL medical tests on myself to show your students some of the equipment that they use. I ultrasound my carotid artery & jugular, record an ECG, scan my veins, take a picture of the inside of my eye and much more.

There’s even some amazing video footage from each career, including one from my bronchoscopy, so you get to see the inside of my lungs!

The show is performed live and you can chat to me through the online chat function to ask questions. If you can’t make the live stream times, the show is available ANY time with the pre-recorded version.

You can join as many of the live streams as you want or watch the pre-recorded show whenever and how ever many times you want. It’s unlimited!

Unlimited access to this show – Watch it live as many times as you want throughout your whole school in as many classrooms as you want. NO RESTRICTIONS

Over 60,000 students watched this show throughout Covid and teachers rated it 9.6/10!

Price on its own: £295 + VAT, but it's included in the Academy Pass for £195 + VAT

Human Guinea Pig Show

Key Facts

What teachers like you say about The Human Guinea Pig Show...

Live Stream Show 2: The Senses Show

If you want something a little more practical, this show is for you!

In this show we explore your senses and quirks of the human body with practical demos you and your students try along side me. There are 9 demos in total where I show you what to do, you try it out and I then explain the science. It is lots of fun!

No specialist equipment is needed, just some paper, a pen, some sweets and pen torches or lights on mobile phones. (We’ll send you some pen torches when you buy a pass!).

We’ll look at your blind spot in your eye, see who has evolved differently to each other in your class, discover how you can stick two of your fingers together, make each other’s arms float up into the air, discover what is the highest hearing frequency you can hear and much more.

Unlimited access to this show – Watch is live as many times as you want throughout your whole school!

Price on its own: £295 + VAT, but included in the Academy Pass for £195 + VAT

Key Facts

You'll receive goodies in the post too!
Keep reading to find out more!

Physical Resources In The Post: Career Inspiration Pack

Included in your Academy Pass is a whole heap of Physical Resources we'll send to you in the post!

What's in the Career Inspiration pack?

Body parts cover

All schools receive a copy of our latest book, The Big Book of Brilliant Body Parts!
The essential guide to all of the organs in your body!

100 Career Fortune Teller Templates for you to make with your classes! You also get access to a PDF download to print more at school.

5 x A4 Career Posters, specially produced for Careers & Science Week.
There are different sets for
Primary & Secondary Schools

Science Week Pass

1 x giant A1 Poster
Medical Career Map.
Students follow different paths on the poster by answering questions to discover which career would suit them!

All included in your Academy Pass for £195 + VAT

We'll send you REAL medical kit too!

If you purchase a Medical Mavericks Academy Pass, we’ll also send you some medical kit to carry out some practical work too. We’ll admit it won’t be an ultrasound or ECG machine, but you can try some pretty cool stuff with what we’ll send you.

You’ll also be able to access the ‘How to’ video series that shows you how to use the kit and explain the science behind them. 

Here’s what you’ll receive with an Academy Pass:

5 x stethoscopes

The stethoscopes can be used to listen to your heart, lung and bowel sounds! The videos show you how to find all of these sounds. Did you know there are 4 places you need to check your heart sounds and each one listens to a different valve in the heart! We'll show you how to do this!

5 x reflex hammers

A classic medical test, but you have to do it in the right way! We'll show you the knee jerk reflex and also show you how to check the bicep reflex too. You can also make your reflex response stronger with the Jendrassik Manoeuvre. Don't worry it's not a dance... we'll show you what to do!

5 x pen torches.

A vital medical test to check brain function. We'll take you through what it is all about and how to put a twist on this test that shows you how amazingly clever our physiology is! You can also use the pen torches during The Senses Show!

Order you Academy Pass before Friday December 16th and we'll DOUBLE your kit and send you 10 of each item!

Get all of this included in your Academy Pass for March!

Science Week Pass

You can access & watch all of this too!

Daily Live Stream Assemblies

Daily Live Stream Assemblies (Science Week Only)

Performed every day at 9.05am, you can tune in to the live stream assembly every day during Science Week

Each assembly is 10minutes long and will also be available to watch in the Catch Up Zone of the Academy about 15minutes after the live stream has finished.

Each day covers a different topic from the world of science and medicine. From Engineering to Physiology.

Here's the schedule:

All included in your Academy Pass for £195 + VAT

Daily Science Quiz (Science Week Only)

Each day at 2:30pm I’ll be running a 15-20min quiz on different medical and science topics. There’ll be a couple of medical images quizzes where you have to guess what part of my body I am scanning with my ultrasound machine. There’ll be a Human Physiology / Body Facts quiz as well as a Guess the Medical Instrument where I’ll show different pieces of medical kit and you have to guess what they are and what they are used for.

Daily Quiz Key Facts:

All included in your Academy Pass for £195 + VAT

Daily Science Quiz

Hands on - Have a Go

Hands On - Have a Go! (Pre-Recorded)

These videos go along side the medical kit we send you in the post.
Each piece of equipment has it's own mini series you can watch with your class, with episodes in bite sized chunks of between 3 and 6 minutes long each, giving you plenty of time to use the kit!

All included in your Academy Pass for £195 + VAT

Medical Mavericks TV (Pre-Recorded)

Especially for March, we’ve recorded 15 special episodes of MMTV across 3 mini series that are available exclusively with your Academy Pass. Each series has 5 episodes and are between 10-15minutes long each. 

You can watch them any time throughout the whole of March. 

Here’s what’s in each series:

Series 1: How we see inside the body – In each episode we explore a piece of medical equipment that lets us take images of the inside of our bodies. We cover Ultrasound, X-Rays, CT scans, MRI and PET scans. We’ll show real images from these pieces of kit!

Series 2: When Bodies Go Wrong! – Not for the faint hearted, but nothing too gruesome, we look at what happens in different diseases that can affect the body. From heart attacks, to asthma to cataracts. Each episode focusses on a different disease or body part!

Series 3: Tom’s Top 5 Careers – These episodes are short snippets of some of my favourite interviews with real medical professionals in the NHS and Science. Each episode is 10minutes long and give a brief insight into some fascinating careers. They include, Cardiac Physiology, Histology and Audiology

All included in your Academy Pass for £195 + VAT

Medical Mavericks TV

When & How Can Teachers
Get Access to the Academy?

When can you access content?

We know that planning is a key part of your workload so we’ll be giving you access to all of the lesson plans and pre-recorded content from Monday 13th February, giving you 3 weeks to plan and prep how you want to use The Academy in March. 

We’ll also share the full timetable or Live Stream Shows before March and send your medical kit and inspiration pack in February too. 

There’ll be a full Academy Pass Guide in your inspiration pack to help you plan and prep. 

How & who can access the Academy?

It won’t just be you that is able to access the content in the Academy. 

You’ll be able to share a special link from inside your account with colleagues at your school. This link will enable them to create their own account inside the academy and access all of the content and live streams, making it simple for every classroom to experience the content and shows. 

There will be video tutorials and PDF guides to support your colleagues too. We’ve made it really easy to access!

Step 1

Order your Academy Pass from Mon 5th Dec & create your Academy account.

Step 2

Once logged in you can share a special link from inside your account with teachers in your school to create their own account and access the resources.

Step 3

From Monday 13th February, you'll be able to access lesson plans and pre-recorded content in advance so you can plan and prep your lessons.

Step 4

Enjoy all the live streams and content throughout the whole of March 2023.

On Sale NOW!

The Medical Mavericks Academy Pass

Order before 6pm on Friday 16th December to double your medical kit & receive:
10 stethoscopes, 10 pen torches & 10 reflex hammers


All Academy Passes Include:

The Medical Mavericks Academy Pass



All this is included:

Resources in the Post:

No need for immediate payment. Schools, colleges and organisations will be invoiced for your access.

We inspire the next generation of medics and scientists.